Trends of Applied Microbiology for Sustainable Economy
  • Author : Ravindra Soni
  • Release Date : 14 May 2022
  • Publisher : Academic Press
  • Genre : Science
  • Pages : 812
  • ISBN 13 : 9780323915960
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Trends of Applied Microbiology for Sustainable Economy PDF Summary

Trends of Applied Microbiology for a Sustainable Economy discusses the role of modern tools and next-generation technologies in applied microbial research, including recent trends and innovation in global biofertilizers. Agriculture has seen dramatic changes since the time of its inception. Starting with the domestication of wild plants to small-scale traditional farming and then large-scale, chemical-intensive agriculture. It is at a crossroads once again, putting a huge amount of pressure on available natural resources like soil, water and biodiversity which is bound to increase with the ever-growing human population. This book helps readers understand the challenges associated with these demographic changes. Redefines the relationship between microorganisms and agricultural sustainability in view of the latest technologies and advancements Documents recent microbiological advancements in agricultural research and discusses challenges and opportunities in the biofertilizers market Identifies challenges and opportunities for scaling up biofertilizers technology Discusses recent trends and innovations in the biotechnology market and economy