The Sub-Conscious Speaks
  • Author : Erna Ferrell Grabe
  • Release Date : 19 January 2022
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Genre : Uncategorized
  • Pages : 72
  • ISBN 13 : 1941489796
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The Sub-Conscious Speaks eBook PDF Summary

INTRODUCTION Contacting the Sub-Conscious, or Subjective Mind, without loss of conscious identity has long been sought. This feat has here unquestionably been accomplished. The contents of the book proper belong entirely to the author's Subjective Mind. Yet at no time was there a loss of conscious control and direction, nor was the author at any time and any other than a perfectly normal condition. It is not deemed necessary to state the manner in which this contact was established. Suffice it to say that sufficient tests and experiments were made to convince the author and others that they were dealing with the author's Subjective Mind. Persons of standing and integrity, who are familiar with the matter of establishing this contact, have corroborated this claim, as well as the statement that everything contained in the book itself is directly from the author's Subjective Mind. It may be stated, however, that the author has given rather intensive study to metaphysical subjects, and it is quite evident that here is demonstrated the ability of the Sub-Conscious Mind to assimilate and to clarify the substance of conscious study and thought. Begun as an amusing experiment, it soon developed into a fascinating study of the operation and responsiveness of the Subjective Mind. The subtle quality, the absolute and utter Subjectivity of this portion of the Mind, and it's instantaneous reaction, even to unexpressed conscious thought, proved to be amazing. After becoming convinced that the author was dealing with the Sub-Conscious Mind, the questions asked the Sub-Conscious dealt with Mind in its various phases. It volunteered to explain the mental processes of the conscious and Sub-Conscious phases of the Mind, and their interrelation, together with that relation to what has been termed Universal Mind. While these phases of Mind are familiar to all students of mental science, the explanations have been given in a manner which, it is believed, has never before been submitted to the reading public. The manner in which definitions are given and mental operations explained is of such a distinctive nature that the author has been prevailed upon to bring them to public notice. While it was the intention to deal with the Mind of man from a scientific or psychological, rather than a theological aspect, followers of new thought and mental science will find much interest in these pages. There is a repeated and insistent call to utilize the innate power in man. Initials PCF PREFACE by The Sub-Conscious The Mind of man contains within itself limitless possibilities. The conscious Mind of man is endowed with an inherent creative faculty. It continually creates things in man's life and experience, whether or not man is aware of the creative process. Whenever a man thinks, that thought has creative power. The Sub-Conscious Mind is but the instrument of the conscious Mind of man. It is the medium by which man may call into existence the things necessary to his material welfare. In the following pages I have tried to explain in a brief manner the process by which the conscious Mind of man governs the life and affairs of mankind. This book is by no means complete. It is to condensed to explain things as I should like to explain them. But I trust that at a later day I may be given the opportunity to deal in a more satisfactory manner with the various process of Mind in its different phases.

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