The Quranic Ten Commandments Vol. 1 , Ed. 2
  • Author : Hussein M. Naguib
  • Release Date : 25 August 2016
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The Quranic Ten Commandments Vol. 1 , Ed. 2 PDF Summary

The ten commandments are the basic rules of morality in the three Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The purpose of these commandments is to guide the believers, their families, and their communities toward God's straight path that guarantees one's happiness and success in this life and the Hereafter. While numerous books were published on the Biblical ten commandments, unfortunately, very little is known about the Quranic ten commandments, and most people do not even know about their existence. The following is a list of these Quranic commandments as depicted and abbreviated from Surah Al An'Am (6:151-153), and a brief statement on the main topics discussed: 1. Do not associate anything with God: Monotheism, or the Oneness of God, as the foundation of the Islamic creed, God's unique and absolute attributes, and the relationship between man and his creator. 2. Be good to your parents: The many aspects of goodness to our parents, dealing with misguided parents, and the problem of parents abused by their own children. 3. Do not kill your children because of poverty: Islamic view on abortion and infanticide in ancient and modern times 4. Do not even come near shameful deeds: The causes and consequences of committing shameful deeds i.e. adultery, fornication, incest, and homosexuality. 5. Do not kill any human soul, except for a just cause: Human life is sacred and must be protected; Islamic view on the termination of human life for committing adultery, apostasy, highway robbery, murder, killing in a just war, suicide, euthanasia, and honor killing. 6. Do not touch the orphan's property, except to improve it: Islam stance on the treatment and legal ruling to protect and support orphans, the weakest elements of the society 7. Give full measure and full weight with equity: Islamic moral values in commercial dealings 8. Speak justly even it concerns a close relative: Islam moral values in achieving justice 9. Fulfill any covenants you made in God's name: Islam moral values in fulfilling commitments and pledges 10. Follow God's straight path, and do not follow other paths: Continuously assess your place on God's straight path, implement improvement plans, and monitor progress Filling a gap in current literature, Dr. Naguib presents the first detailed study in English on each Quranic commandment and its related moral issues in ancient and modern times. The study is prepared in two volumes. The first volume covered an introduction and the first five Quranic Commandments as listed above. The full meaning of each commandment is shown by finding the entire Quran's teachings on that subject, as well as the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his companions. With extensive research and careful selection of Quranic verses and reliable sources of Prophet Muhammad's traditions, this book will be beneficial to students and teachers of schools and academic institutions, religions comparative studies, Quranic study groups, interfaith group dialogues, as well as any Muslim or non-Muslim who is asking: "Is there anything in the Quran similar to the Ten Commandments in the Bible?