Odyssey of the Soul, a Trilogy
  • Author : Pamela Chilton
  • Release Date : 04 February 1997
  • Publisher : Quick Book Pub
  • Genre : Mysticism
  • Pages : 286
  • ISBN 13 : 0965989100
  • Total Download : 819
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Odyssey of the Soul, a Trilogy PDF Summary

First in a trilogy, Book One presents extraordinary information gathered from the inner consciousness levels of the minds, bodies, and spirits of thousands of ordinary people. Knowledge gathered by the authors in their healing, motivational, and channeling work with and for others opens the mind and excites the spirit to the inherent abilities of the soul. Written simply, even complex subjects such as healing, hypnosis, re-incarnation, channeling, therapy, spirit possession, multiple personalities, inner children, astral matter, metaphysics, the soul, and Higher Self become clear and understandable. Personal stories add light, humor, motivation, and a sense all is possible and knowable. Presents a lighted path to self-mastery for the enlightenment of self and others, while succinctly outlining why the past is important to this path. Explains the dynamics of trauma, including childhood abuse, and how the mind stores, as well as buries, trauma. Explains why memories - whether "false" or "real" - are important to healing and achieving personal and professional goals. Delineates the levels of the mind and spirit in a way that is meaningful to every day reality. Lures and keeps the interest of both beginners and experts in metaphysical studies, even as it brings forward information that enhances both mainstream and alternative healing. Miracles are explained, as well as why medications, surgery, prayer, guided imagery, visualizations, affirmations, hypnosis, herbs, and other healing aids sometimes do not work and what needs to be done so they will. It is a book written by experts who explain why no expert knows more about a person's mind, body, or spirit than that person's own mind, body,and spirit. Explains how such information can be accessed both in and out of trance states. Channeling is introduced in a manner that eliminates fear, dread, and foolhardiness. Parts of the book and all of chapter eight are written by LIGHT, which says it is The Light, the creator energy of The Creator of All That Is. Light outlines a plan for healing the earth, balancing nature, and enlightening humans. The plan is powerful and perfect for people of all religions and no religion. So ingenious is this plan, so simple, so positively focused, it could only have been written by a consciousness of light leading to the thought that if a consciousness of light does not lie, this must, indeed, be The Creator Light. Just knowing such a consciousness is present and active in the world lessens the rampart fear presently escalating naturally occurring earth changes. Most importantly, this book, as it makes clear how the mind creates, makes clear how prophecy works. It becomes understood prophecy is not for the ego of the prophet; it is for the good of the people. If one does not like a prophecy, one has the ability and the right to positively shift the mental focus and physical actions in the present, which alters the future, thus nullifying the prophecy. Being created in the image of the Creator means we are spirit with will and the ability to choose what we will. A great prophet does not care about being right. A great prophet cares about doing right. Doing right is to warn and when the warning is heeded, the great prophet rejoices, knowing the prophecy will be rendered untrue. Book One explains how the mind truly works so the soul of one and the souls of many may alter the future to bringgreater good and joy.

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