Surviving Fourth Wave Feminism
  • Author : B Real
  • Release Date : 22 May 2020
  • Publisher : Independently Published
  • Genre : Uncategorized
  • Pages : 318
  • ISBN 13 :
  • Total Download : 829
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Surviving Fourth Wave Feminism eBook PDF Summary

Powerful and confronting, it stirs so much emotion within anyone who reads it. Male, female, gay, straight, young or old - it's loved by some and detested by others. Irrespective of the adoration or abhorrence experienced, it makes people feel something so deep and intense they can't stop reading until the end. This book will lead you the reader to either a profound discovery of inconvenient and uncomfortable truths, or overwhelming and liberating senses of clarity.The two-volume book explores historic, social, cultural, political and statistical realities of Western societies globally. It synchronously moves through the journey of the silenced straight-white-Western man and woman living in the world today by investigating the attack on everything that is healthy, beautiful, traditional, all-encompassing, tolerant or decent, as well as everything that is race, gender, religion, family-focussed and Western. The text within presents disturbing realities that are difficult for many to confront. Equally, it explores how the new wave of feminism seeks to take choices and freedoms away from women and men by obliterating all that was so brilliantly achieved by the original and unadulterated suffragettes. While the author explores the fundamental principles of the first three waves of feminism in historical, social, objective, subjective and academic contexts, this book is not meant to be about gender. Rather, it makes the distinction about each wave of a Western social movement to demonstrate what can eventuate through the hijacking of democracy and the words used within it. Surviving Fourth Wave Feminism - The War on the West is not about men or women, it's about the ideological subversion of Western minds by foreign interests cloaked under the untouchable word called feminism. It's about the destabilisation of Western nations in preparation for an inevitable war on the West that is already being fought and won by foreign adversaries. As we tear ourselves apart to fight for titles, quotas, false realities and subjective virtue signals we grow weaker while our enemies grow stronger. By reading this book, you will learn the inconvenient truths of the world in which you live. Do you have the courage to see what can never be unseen?

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