PM Interview Workbook
  • Author : Lewis Lin
  • Release Date : 04 August 2016
  • Publisher : Unknown
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  • Pages : 318
  • ISBN 13 : 069276853X
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PM Interview Workbook PDF Summary

NOTE: This is the OLDER 1st edition. The NEWER 2nd edition, re-titled as PM Interview Questions, is available here: ----- Over 160 Real PM Interview Workbook from Top Tech Companies The world's expert in product management interviews, Lewis C. Lin, gives readers over 160 practice questions to gain product management (PM) proficiency and master the PM interview. The PM Interview Workbook is a resource you don't want to miss. It contains over 160 actual questions from top tech companies including: Google Facebook Amazon Uber Dropbox Microsoft Fully Solved Solutions The book contains fully solved solutions so readers can learn, improve and do their best at the PM interview. Here are some questions and sample answers you'll find in the book: Product Design How would you design an ATM for elderly people? Should Google build a Comcast-like TV cable service? Instagram currently supports 3 to 15 second videos. We're considering supporting videos of unlimited length. How would you modify the UX to accommodate this? Pricing How would you go about pricing UberX or any other new Uber product? Let's say Google created a teleporting device: which market segments would you go after? How would you price it? Metrics Imagine you are the Amazon Web Services (AWS) PM in Sydney. What are the top three metrics you'd look at? Facebook users have declined 20 percent week over week. Diagnose the problem. How would you fix the issue? The Perfect Complement to Cracking the PM Interview or Decode and Conquer Many of you enjoyed reading about the PM interview frameworks revealed in Cracking the PM Interview as well as Decode and Conquer, including the CIRCLES(tm), AARM(tm) and DIGS(tm) Methods. The PM Interview Workbook is the perfect complement to both books. With over 160 practice questions, you'll see what the best PM interview responses look and feel like.