Multifunctional Phase Change Materials
  • Author : Kinga Pielichowska
  • Release Date : 01 February 2023
  • Publisher : Woodhead Publishing
  • Genre : Technology & Engineering
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  • ISBN 13 : 0323857191
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Multifunctional Phase Change Materials PDF Summary

Multifunctional Phase Change Materials: Fundamentals, Properties and Applications updates on phase change materials (PCMs) used for the storage of thermal energy as sensible and latent heat. This class of materials is the subject of intensive research, both fundamental and applied, as they substantially contribute to the efficient use and conservation of waste heat and solar energy. Different groups of materials have been investigated as PCMs, including inorganic systems (salt and salt hydrates), organic, e.g., paraffins or fatty acids, polymers, and finally, hybrid materials. Recent developments are focused on multifunctional PCMs that provide functional features apart from energy storage, such as desired optical or antibacterial properties. This book presents various synthesis approaches for functionalized materials, as well as specific interactions and self-organization effects in polymer/functionalized (nano)particle systems. It reviews the current state-of-the-art in multifunctional phase change materials for thermal energy storage applications by describing the fundamentals of energy storage, the main classes of PCMs, functionalization protocols, encapsulation methods and shape stabilization procedures.

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