Make Art with Artificial Intelligence
  • Author : Kevin Ashley
  • Release Date : 09 November 2021
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Genre : Uncategorized
  • Pages : 186
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Make Art with Artificial Intelligence eBook PDF Summary

Book Description: MAKE ART with Artificial Intelligence A guide on practical artificial intelligence for drawing, art, illustration, and design - for everyone interested in creativity, art, and technology. The book has hundreds of original illustrations made or augmented with AI, 20+ online and video tutorials, 35+ Python notebooks, a GitHub repository and a blockchain art gallery. Written and illustrated by Kevin Ashley, a Microsoft developer hall of fame engineer, and an author of books and courses on artificial intelligence. Think of this book as v3.0 of your drawing class manual on how to sketch, draw faces, emotions, body poses, landscapes, apply light, color, style, emotion, expressions, perspective, generate animations, speech and more with artificial intelligence. All artwork from this book is created or augmented with machine learning and available in online NFT gallery, as well as tutorials and practical examples. The impact of this book in data science community inspired a group of Microsoft engineers and data scientists to implement a project they called Azure Picasso to streamline the path from a conceptual artwork, enhanced with artificial intelligence to publishing art in online galleries. FROM REVIEWS This is similar to the best lecture classes I had in college where the professor talked in class about the concepts and fundamentals but then gave us homework that would let us experiment and try out the concepts hands-on. As an artist who has 30 years of artwork looking to share, I love this book because it's approachable to the novice and useful to the expert. EDITIONS Beautiful Paperback, 8x10, color edition, more illustrations than the e-book, reads like an art book, beautiful print and high-quality paper. eBook - easy to read on phones, tablets and online readers, reflowing text, great for practical tutorials, as the book has many links to tutorials. CONTENTS Getting Started (History of Art and AI - Drawing - Sketching - Action and Poses - Landscapes and Scenery - Animation - Selling your Art) Creative Tools (Traditional tools - Digital tools - AI Tools - Python - Notebooks - Practice Studies). Neural Networks for Art (Neurons - Neural networks - Supervised learning - Unsupervised learning - Generative Adversarial Networks - Machine Learning Models and Training - Reinforcement learning - Practice Studies) Drawing and Sketching with AI (Sketching - Improving Sketches with AI - Childhood Drawings - Creativity - Inking - Shading and Light - Coloring - Practice Studies) Faces and Facial Expressions (How AI recognizes human faces - Facial features - Emotions - 3D Faces - Cartoons and Caricature - Anime and Manga - Generating Faces with AI) Pose and Actions with AI (Action with AI - Keypoints - Pose Estimation - Drawing Human Body - Human Pose Datasets - Perspective and Depth) Landscapes and Scenery (Landscapes - Generating Landscapes - AI Models and Methods for Landscapes - Practice Studies) Style and Content (Style and Style Transfer in Art and AI - Generative Adversarial Networks - Creative Style) Animation with AI (History of Animation - 12 Principles of Animation - Using AI for Animation - Animating Speech, Lips and Faces) How to Sell your Art with Blockchain and NFT (Why Blockchain - Smart Contracts and NFTs - Creating a Crypto Wallet - Creating your Gallery - Listing for Sale - Getting Paid) The book comes with online tutorials, including assets, resources and notebooks for artists, data scientists or engineers. With basic Python you can create stunning works of art, but the knowledge of Python is not required. Enjoy this unique and insightful book!

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