Kali Linux for Dummies
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  • Release Date : 11 June 2019
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Kali Linux for Dummies PDF Summary

Kali Linux For Dummies Do you want to be a pro hacker? If the answer to this question is yes, then you are in the right place. Kali Linux is an Operating system used by hackers and penetration tester to perform hacking and security analysis. It is probably the best operating system available for ethical hacking and Penetration testing. The open source model allows you to learn the tool, and once you have a handle on it, you are free to make fine-tuned adjustments to fit your needs and computer style. Kali Linux for Dummies is a complete guide instructing you on the ins and outs of ethical hacking. If you want to be a professional hacker, then this is the book will help you to start your journey. Each chapter highlights an important aspect of hacking and gives you the secrets you need to make your hacking time more valuable and very rewarding. Everything you want to know about hacking, including staying anonymous, SQL injection, Cross-site scripting, Best Kali Linux tools, etc. are included in the contents of this book. Kali Linux For Dummies is your guide to hacking success. You shouldn't begin your hacking career without reading this book first. It is a must-have the book and your go-to instruction work when you run into hacking difficulties. If you want to be the best professional hacker around, then you start with the best instructions possible. That means Kali Linux For Dummies is the best option for you purchase your copy today. Table of content: 1.Introduction 2.Setting up a lab 3.Linux Basic 4.Package management 5.Internet protocol 6.Staying anonymous 7.Footprinting 8.Trojan, Virus, and Worms 9.Password attack & Cracking 10.Network sniffing & Spoofing 11.Social Engineering 12.Vulnerability analysis 13.Searching exploit 14.Dos attack 15.SQL Injection 16.Cross-site scripting Tags: Hacking with Kali Linux, Hacking books, Hacking reveled, Kali Linux books, Kali Linux books for Beginners, Hacking books for Beginners, Hacking For Dummies, Linux for Beginners