Forrest Gump, My Favorite Chocolate Recipes
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  • Release Date : 09 June 1995
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Forrest Gump, My Favorite Chocolate Recipes PDF Summary

Forrest Gump always said that the most wonderful scent there ever was comin' from the kitchen was somethin' chocolate cookin' in the oven. He said it from the time he was a small boy in braces, "'cause I knew I was gonna get to lick the spoon". The smell of chocolate cookin' puts Forrest in mind of his Mama. And nothin' is as important to Forrest as his Mama and what she taught him about life and love. You can take a chocolate, Forrest learned, and when you bite down, it may not be the one you wanted. But it's yours from then on. And you need to remember to enjoy it. "Life ain't so much different", says Forrest. And his Mama never let him forget it. If Forrest wasn't lovin' his Mama's shrimp, he was lovin' her chocolate. Forrest already said grace over The Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Cookbook. So now he's takin' time to give his blessing to his Mama's chocolate recipes. His Mama always knew the place to go for great recipes was her favorite magazine, Southern Living, which practically invented the best-ever chocolate desserts. Each one of these recipes was tested in their own kitchens for extra goodness. You talk about chocolates! Wait'll you taste Forrest's Fudge Cake or Real Good Chocolate Caramels or Mighty Nice Chocolate Pastry Cake or Chocolate-Pecan Torte or (if you're gonna get fancy) Chocolate-Mint Truffles or plain old Candy Bar Brownies or Alabama Ice Cream Squares or, oh goodness!, an Almond-Macaroon Tart. You may have to put this book down and go cook somethin' before you get a faintin' spell. Just remember what Forrest learned from his Mama: You never know what you're gonna get when you pick up a chocolate. But you do know this - if it comes from this book, it's gonna be plentygood.

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