Biomimicry for Materials, Design and Habitats
  • Author : Marjan Eggermont
  • Release Date : 21 February 2022
  • Publisher : Elsevier
  • Genre : Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 590
  • ISBN 13 : 9780128210543
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Biomimicry for Materials, Design and Habitats PDF Summary

Biomimicry for Materials, Design and Habitats: Innovations and is a survey of the recent work of recognized experts in a variety of fields who employ biomimicry and related paradigms to solve key problems of interest within design, science, technology, and society. Topics covered include innovations from biomimicry in materials, product design, architecture, and biological sciences. The book is a useful resource for educators, designers, researchers, engineers, and materials scientists, taking them from the theory behind biomimicry to real world applications. Living systems have evolved innovative solutions to challenges that humans face on a daily basis. Nonlinear multifunctional systems that have a symbiotic relationship with their environment are the domain of nature. Morphological solutions for buildings inspired by nature can be used for skins, surfaces, and structures to facilitate environmental adaptation of buildings to increase occupant comfort and reduce energy demands. Birds can teach us to produce novel structures, 3D printing can be informed by oysters and mussels, and mycelium may show us the way to fabricate new biocomposites in architecture. Therefore, it is in nature that we seek inspiration for the solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. . presents new directions in education and the various applications of biomimicry within industry, including bio-inspired entrepreneurship discusses the role of biomimicry in education, innovation, and product design covers applications in systems engineering and design, novel materials with applications in 3D printing, and bio-inspired architecture includes perspectives on sustainability detailing the role that bio-inspiration or biomimicry plays in sustainability



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