Asian Rhinoplasty
  • Author : Man Koon Suh, M.D.
  • Release Date : 01 August 2012
  • Publisher : KAPS
  • Genre : Medical
  • Pages : 350
  • ISBN 13 : 9788962785883
  • Total Download : 807
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Asian Rhinoplasty eBook PDF Summary

Book Description: Book Introduction 15 years for plastic surgery of nose only! Nose plastic operation technique for the Asian people written by the foremost specialist of nose plastic operation in Korea! Since the cosmetic surgery began, lots of people have published the books for nose plastic surgery but most of them are focused on the western people. The standard of ‘ideal nose’ appeared in the plastic surgery textbook is also focused on the ideal type of western people. However, the structure of face line and nose of Asian people is basically different from those of western people. If the plastic operation is carried out by applying the standard of ideal nose appeared in the textbook for the face of Asian people, it is naturally unfamiliar or not comfortable. Dr. Suh Man Koon, the author of this book, has studied the nose plastic operation suitable for the face line of Asian people for a long time, based on various clinical experiences. The author who has experienced in the nose plastic surgery over 15 years felt the necessity of systematic training book acutely while training the medical teams who came from Asian countries to learn the advanced plastic operation technique of Korea. The author expressed his wish that this book will be helpful for those who want to learn the nose plastic operation technique for the Asian people Contents 01 Basic Anatomy of the Nose Required for Rhinoplasty I . Basic nose anatomy for rhinoplasty II . Surgical equipments used in rhinoplasty : medical tools, sutures III . Harvest of autogenous cartilages : auricular cartilage, septal cartilage, rib cartilage IV. Harvest of autogenous soft tissue : dermofat, temporal fascia V . Rhinoplasty approach techniques (incision types) 02 Preoperative Procedures for Rhinoplasty I . Initial patient consultation and examination II . Clinical photography III . Preoperative instructions IV. Preoperative sterilization V . Postoperative dressing 03 Dorsal Augmentation with Implants I . Introduction and background II . Implant types and characteristics III. Several controversial issues concering nasal implants IV. Indication of each implant V . Tips on sculpting and use 04 Implant-related Complications & Their Solutions I . Deformity due to capsule-scar contracture II . Late spontaneous hematoma III . Calcification IV. Color change of dorsal skin V . Visible implant contour or thinned skin VI. Implant exposure VII. Implant mobility and deviation VIII. Infection IX. Foreign body reaction X . Implants with visible signs of operation 05 Dorsal Augmentation with Autogenous Tissue I . Dorsal augmentation with temporal fascia II . Dorsal augmentation with dermofat graft III. Dorsal augmentation with rib cartilage IV. Dorsal augmentation with diced cartilage wrapped with temporal fascia 06 Asian Tip Plasty I . Basics of nasal tip plasty 1: Tip suture technique II . The basic of nasal tip plasty 2: Cartilage graft III . Application of nasal tip plasty 1: Projection IV. Application of nasal tip plasty 2 : Correcn for a blunt nasal tip and long nose 197 V . Advanced techniqies of the nasal tip plasty : Short nose correction VI. The causes and solutions for unsatisfactory nasal tip plasty among Asians 07 Basics of Osteotomy I . Hump reduction II . Medial osteotomy III. Lateral osteotomy IV. Cautions in performing osteotomies V . Postoperative dressing 08 Correction of Hump Nose and Wide Nasal Bone I . Hump nose correction II . Correction of wide nasal bone 09 Correction of Deviated Nose I . Causes of deviated nose II . Type of deviated nose III . Preoperative analysis IV. Surgical method 10 Contracted Short Nose Correction I . What is a contractured nose? II . Causes of contracture III. Correction of a contractured short nose 11Miscellaneous Rhinoplasties I . Reduction of nostril and ala width II . Retracted ala correction III . Correction of columella

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