The Alphahole's Guide to Marrying Your Enemy
  • Author : Piper Marlowe
  • Release Date : 11 November 2022
  • Publisher : Piper Marlowe Books
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Pages : 237
  • ISBN 13 :
  • Total Download : 200
  • File Size : 46,8 Mb

The Alphahole's Guide to Marrying Your Enemy PDF Summary

My best friend's little sister is an infuriating, cantankerous, pretentious do-gooder who thinks me making a billion before I hit 30 means I'm a filthy, unethical robber baron—and she lets me know it every time she sees me. The fact that she's a sexy little minx notwithstanding, I wouldn't date her if she was the last woman on Earth. As a matter of fact, I've repeatedly fantasized about shipping her to Mars. But first, I need to get my mother to sell me her pigeon-plagued abandoned warehouse in Brooklyn so I can flip it into luxury lofts. And the only way to get her to sell it to me is to prove I have a soul. So I'm going to marry my best friend's bleeding-heart little sister, and once I get that building, I can pretend she lives on another planet. more hate-boink, for the road. And another on the road. And another. And another. How many times can two people hate-fonk before they stop hating each other? I think I'm finding out. ---- Check out the other two books in the How to Marry a Billionaire series: Easton: The Billionaire's Guide to the Marriage Deal Dylan: The Playboy's Guide to the Fake Fiancee

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